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Challenging heights with confidence!

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Trailer mounted cherry pickers

If you are looking for easy access to high working environments then we have the machine for you. Manufactured in SA, that makes all the parts easily available! When you have reliable and fast access you have a more efficient work environment which means more jobs done in less time and more profit in your pocket!

Do you waste alot of time and money setting up scaffolding?
Are you concerned about saftey when using scaffolding?

You need a Challenger Cherry Picker,
state of the art rugged South African Design!

Substantial projects to date

Sasol Secunda - 17 meter trailer mounted
Tendela Coal Mine Richards Bay: 12 metre trailer mounted.
HT Pelatona:: 12m trailer mounted.
H & M Boilers:Cape Town: 12 metre trailer mounted.
Hitricon (Pty) Ltd: Northern Cape: 12 metre trailer mounted.
Zululand University: KwaZulu Natal: 17 metre trailer mounted.
Exxaro Delmar Coal Mine: 12 metre trailer mounted.
Currently under construction: Power Management & Electrical Services Johannesburg: 12 metre and 17 metre trailer mounted.