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Bakkie / Utility Mount

Challenger 1004 Utility Mount

IMG_2166 no background
Hyva Challenger 1004 Utility pic
basket controls
base controls
Technical Specifications


Working Height - 10 metre

Max. Horizontal Reach - 4.2 metre

Basket - 1 man

Safe Working Load - 125 kg

Rotation - 360

Controls - Hydraulic top & bottom

Power System -

Power Take Off / Power Pack

Emergency Pump

Aluminium Basket Standard, unless        otherwise specified


Robust design with interlocking outrigger legs, dead man controls and overload interlocking
Designed and fabricated according to SANS 1 6368 

Challenger 1206 Jib Utility Mount

Land cruiser transport position
aerial platform utility
aerial platform utility mount
aerial platform controls
Technical Specifications
  • Working Height: 12m

  • Max horizontal reach: 6m

  • Tare mass: 860kg

  • Stowed height: 2,2m

  • Safe working load: 200kg

  • Aluminium 2 man basket

  • 4x hydraulic spider legs for maximum stability

  • 360 degree non-continuous rotation

  • Customized flat deck body to suit

  • Hydraulic power options

  • Option A - Independent diesel engine with belhousing & pump

  • Option B - Electromagnetic pump

  • Manual override in the event of system failure

  • Hydraulic controls from the base of the basket

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